SS Arandora Star

In July 1940, SS "Arandora Star" was sunk by submarine action at a position 100 miles west of Bloody Foreland in Donegal; more than 800 souls were lost, including German and Italian internees and British naval and military personnel. Some of those who were lost were brought by tide and current to Colonsay where they were laid to rest. These events caused a deep impression locally, and the islanders have maintained an interest in the tragedy and a concern for all those who were affected by it.

A friend of Colonsay, Alan Davis, has researched the subject on our behalf and this site has been developed as a lasting memorial to all who lost their lives. All the information collated so far is available to download as a pdfs (see the download box on the right of the screen).

1. The Colonsay Connection (Jan 2008)

2. List of Italian casualties (Feb 2008)

3. Italian background notes, burials and memorials (Updated April 2010)

4. Losses amongst the Military Guard (Feb 2008)

5. Background to the crew losses (Feb 2008)

6. Crew Roll of Honour (Feb 2008)

7. German Casualties (Aug 2008)

8. Background notes and bibliography (April 2008)

9. Complete crewlist for the final voyage (April 2010)